Santa came early! Monty is cancer free!

Ten days ago we had a real scare with Monty. A quick recap (more here) is that Monty, our 8 year old Golden Retriever, had two front bottom teeth that were moving quite a bit and his gums were inflamed.

Our vet didn’t like the looks of it at all and was worried it might be osteosarcoma in his jaw, or one of several other nasty cancers that grow in the gums.

A week ago today, Monty had those two teeth pulled, and 3 samples of gum tissue removed to sent with the 2 teeth to the vet college at the University of PEI. We had xrays done at the same time that showed promising news and it looked like his jaw bone was unaffected.

We didn’t expect results before Christmas, but Santa the vet just called and  said the pathology results show no sign of any neoplasm, meaning whatever it was, it isn’t cancer :) :) :)

Here he is a little dopey last week as the anaesthetic wore off.



Merry Christmas! :)

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