Photodump – June 2016

Just dumping some photos from the last few weeks before I head out on another adventure!


Summer solstice in Dawson City

Two years ago we were visiting Dawson City. We had no idea at the time we’d be moving here a year later!

The summer solstice this year was actually on June 20 (due to the leap year maybe?) but most of us up here waited until the traditional 21st to celebrate, since it coincides with Canada’s Aboriginal Day.

Everyone of my relatives who has been here talks about visiting the Midnight Dome on the summer solstice. Two years ago we spent the night having beers and bar hopping, so we weren’t about to take that rental camper van up the steep climb to the Dome.

Jeff wasn’t wanting to go tonight either, since he has to work tomorrow, but I think he preferred to chauffeur me than letting me drive his truck up solo 😉

We didn’t stay until the sunset, but here are some pictures from 11:40pm – midnight. The sunset doesn’t actually happen until closer to 1am tonight, and then the sky stays in a sunset mode until it rises again in the 3am hour.

Sunset & Sunrise times for June 21, 2016 in Dawson City, Yukon - 12:52am & 3:48am

Sunset & Sunrise times for June 21, 2016 in Dawson City, Yukon


Almost everyone up here was a tourist, and some must have come from really warm climates because I saw ear muffs, coats, and blankets! (It wasn’t too cold – about 13C.)

20160621-DSC_0013 20160621-DSC_0016 20160621-DSC_0018 20160621-DSC_0021

Lots of lawnchairs, GoPros, and beers on the Dome tonight!20160621-DSC_0022 20160621-DSC_0023 20160621-DSC_0025 20160621-DSC_0027 20160621-DSC_0034 20160621-DSC_0035 20160621-DSC_0037 20160621-DSC_0040 20160621-DSC_0041 20160621-DSC_0042


With just minutes to go before midnight, an ultralight plane started buzzing by the dome!20160621-DSC_0048 20160621-DSC_0051 20160621-DSC_0058 20160621-DSC_0066 20160621-DSC_0071

Happy Summer everyone!


A black bear, moose, swans, and thousands of orchids

Last weekend we took a drive south to a fishing hole Jeff wanted to try. Despite being relatively dry here for the first half of the spring, it has been raining here for days! It was sunny when we left town, but by the time Jeff had his line in the water, it was hailing!

@jeffschuyler fishing while it was hailing. #Yukon #fishing

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Just a few kilometres away from his fishing hole, we stopped to chat with this fella in the ditch:

photo of a black bear

He was a little standoffish though. Almost leery of of a black bear

We stopped at another lake, and spotted a moose on the far side:

With our binoculars, we could see he was a bull moose with growing antlers!

I also saw a white spot on the far shore. It was a swan on a nest! Another swan is in the reeds nearby:


By the time we got back to town the rain had stopped and the sun was back out, so we took the ferry across the river to West Dawson so Jeff could show me an orchid that was in bloom.

We decided to take the 2km hike along the side of the high river bank (cliff really) to look at more orchids. Apparently we timed it perfect (despite the rain that came back) because all the Spotted Lady’s-slipper orchids were in bloom! A man who was also on the trail said they weren’t out just the day before!

Can you see them in this photo? They are all the white/pink dots you see all over.


Here are some closer views of the orchids that Jeff took:20160605-DSC_0567



There are a couple nice platforms to overlook the Yukon River. In this one you can see a bit of town down river and around the bend:20160605-DSC_0579

This one looks southward, and up river.20160605-DSC_0580


There were a few more patches of orchids on the way out!



The wild roses are in bloom now too.



The Last Alaskans

If I could only watch one show a week on tv, it would be The Last Alaskans. 

This show is such a beautiful, emotional, heartfelt show.

There are so many awful “reality” shows on tv these days. Most are (very) fake and that includes many other shows set up here in the north. I can’t watch those Alaskan Bush People (which is hideously awful (and fake – they live in a hotel, not a remote cabin)), nor Alaska: The Last Frontier with the Kilcher familly (where the camera crew strive to hide the power poles, roads, and neighbours).

This one doesn’t have that feel of being overly manipulated for tv. It is just a touching documentary showing real people in a beautiful scene. The show is based in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, which is in the top northeast corner of Alaska, and which isn’t accessible by roads.  In 1980, new human occupation was banned in the Refuge to preserve the area and its wildlife. The new regulation grandfathered in the current residents who live in remote cabins. Their land use permits will be revoked upon the death of their last child, in order to guarantee no human presence left in 100 years. [I know there are actual communities in the refuge though, and I’m not sure they are ever directly mentioned in the show, although perhaps because they are all on the edges of the Refuge.]

Here’s a map of where the Refuge is relative to where I live:Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 21.19.59

The people on the show live remotely, and the show watches them hunt, build and repair their cabins, travel by boat, interact with their dogs, and love their families. There are four families featured, Heimo and Edna Korth and their daughters, Ray and Cindy Lewis and their daughters, Bob Harte and his ex-wife and daughter, and Tyler and Ashley Selden and their dog team.

As a direct opposite of most shows, this one is calm. And yet still mesmerizing.

The second season has already aired in the US, but it is just half way through in Canada. It airs on the Discovery channel on Tuesday nights, 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern .

I also recommend…

Also worth watching is Life Below Zero on the National Geographic channel. A similar show, it follows around people who live in Alaska who are subsistence hunters. I enjoy this show too, although it doesn’t make me weep at times like The Last Alaskans.

I also look forward to Alone on the History channel each week, where people are left to their own resources on Vancouver Island and the person who lives there the longest wins the “game”. I find I always root for the happy cheerful people. The negative grumps have me cheering for the hungry bears and cougars.

Of course, you should also watch every show that is filmed where I live: Gold RushYukon GoldKlondike Trappers, and several more in the works.

Completely unrelated

And just because I know you are curious, today is June 7. The sun rose at 4:00am here today, and it won’t set until 12:33am tomorrow. I haven’t seen darkness in weeks (months?). I love it 😀




Just a few photos

Just a few photos from my iPhone from this week.

Tuesday evening walk


“Please return copper pipe” sign


The Klondike Spirt paddle boat is back in the water!

Wednesday visit to the Midnight Dome


A view from the Dome last night – 9pm


I like looking at the the gold mines and how you can see them spread along Bonanza.


I can see our new shed from up here!


Still snow on those mountain caps.


Looking down the Yukon River.


Jeff overlooking the world


Me after I put my sweater on, because it is way colder up here on the dome.

Thursday afternoon walk


Thursday afternoon walk to the corner store. Some storm clouds brewing.


Holland America tour buses at the Westmark hotel.


Me crossing 5th Ave.


More storm brewing behind our house.


Our house.